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Are you the app developer we are looking for?

Aaltra is a team of ordinary people working on extraordinary projects. Our approach is based on attitude over knowledge. Technology is changing every day. Your ability and eagerness to learn and explore is far more important than what you achieved in the past.

Aaltra, founded in 2008, is specialized in design & development of the digital products & services of the future. We create meaningful user experiences that people are happy to use every day. Our business is mostly focused on the Internet of Things, an exciting new playfield where Aaltra quickly became a reference for clients such as: Daikin, Colruyt, Engie M2M, Qbus, and many more…

Due to the success of our approach the team is growing. And we hope you'll be the next to join our team.

Ideally you’d describe yourself as:

So what experience should you have?

We expect you have a solid base in programming concepts. As an app developer you’ll be working with technologies such as:

You'll work in a team with each their speciality and you'll be able to quickly learn from your colleagues.

Why you will love to work at Aaltra.

Work on things that matter.

Working on products that can change people’s lives is probably the most rewarding thing we can do as digital product developers. Even if these changes are very small. Together we create the technology of tomorrow. And we’ll make sure it will be damn good!

Solve real problems
for real people.

We believe knowing our client and our users is the number one priority of every member of our team. That is why we involve the entire team in getting to know the client, the users and the specific problems they’re facing.

Take ownership of your work.

We take pride in our work, and we take responsibility for our mistakes. We only work on projects we believe in. Products we can and will use ourselves. This way we create better products and deliver top quality work we can proudly present to our friends and family.

Constant learning.

Technology is constantly changing and getting better every day. So are we! In our talented team we share knowledge and we grow together. Every day.

We regularly visit inspirational conferences at home and abroad and employees get a personal educational budget.

Explore your creativity.

We don’t distinguish between designers and developers when it comes to exploring creativity. Exploring new ideas, new products and new technology is the reason why we fell in love with this job in the first place. So at least 10% of our time is reserved for personal creative or experimental projects.

Fair and square.

We have an open culture where good agreements make good friends. We are open about our organization, our numbers and the direction we are headed.

We take your career very seriously. We have an open salary plan that is based on value, not on negotiation.

Healthy and inspired people are more productive.

Working at Aaltra is fun! But so is life outside work. Our employees don’t do overtime, we offer flexible hours and remote working.

At the office we have the best tech available, we have quality chairs and desks, drinks, fruit, and of course the best coffee.


If you feel like this job could be something for you, do not hesitate to send us an email and we'll meet. We don't do formal interviews, so don't stress. A good conversation is all we want. Bring some references of the projects you worked on. Oh, and you can apply in Dutch, no problem!