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An internship you'll never forget!

Each year we offer students or recently graduated the opportunity to be a part of our team and get the much needed first experience on your resume. Internships at Aaltra are based on mutual commitment and responsibility. Are you up for a challenge?

Here are the rules of the game:

1. Introduce yourself

Tell us a little bit about who you are, your strongpoints, interests, and what you'd like to learn during your internship. Also include references to some work or school projects you realized in the past.

2. Timing

Be clear about the proposed start & end date of your internship. We prefer internships between 2 and 4 months. We don't offer internships during July and August.

3. Convince us

We receive several internship requests every week. So unfortunately you will need to find a way to stand out. Make sure to include some references to your personal portfolio. And don't forget to tell us why you prefer Aaltra.

What we have to offer:

Solid guidance

We don't see interns as cheap labor but as an opportunity to boost innovation at our company. So we invest a lot of time and effort in guidance and education. This way you'll develop the necessary skill and experience to land your first job in the real world.

Work on real projects for real clients

We don't believe interns should work on project with the lowest importance. As an intern you'll get the opportunity to work on real projects for real clients. So you'll also learn to take responsibility for your work.


You'll be part of a strong team of designers and developers. We help each other out and are happy to share knowledge. There is a lot to learn from each other as long as you have an open mind.

Award winning

Our interns have won several awards in the past. And every single one of them got a job at Aaltra or another company before the end of the internship.


If you feel like this internship could be something for you, do not hesitate to send us an email and we promise you'll get an answer within a week.