Colruyt is a big chain of supermarkets in Belgium and part of the Colruyt group, a Belgian multinational business in wholesale distribution.
3 weeks is what we got to design, develop and publish 2 Apple Watch & 2 iPhone apps before the watch was released.

Early prototyping on location.

We developed a test application to verify their scanners on different barcode types
in combination with different screens and screen resolutions.
Using the results of the tests, we started wireframing the application with the certainty that it will work.

Colruyt app prototype Colruyt app prototype Colruyt app prototype
Colruyt app wireframes
For iPhone

For both brands we made an iPhone app

We created two apps, one for Colruyt and one for OKay. Both apps share the same code base but have a different branding.

Our focus was an easy flow to create a digital copy of your discount card in only 10 seconds. Just take a picture of the physical card and the data will be captured.

Point and shoot

To make a digital copy of your discount card we chose the most simple solution possible. Point and shoot a picture of your card. The app will automatically recognize your account number and verify your data on the Colruyt server.

Colruyt Extra app photo
For Watch

And of course the Apple Watch app

The apple watch stores the account and recreates the barcode so it can be used at the cash register. After the barcode is scanned, the total discount amount can be presented.

This helps the clients of the supermarket to always have their discount card with them and not have to search for it.

Colruyt Extra Card Apple Watch app