dotOcean provides innovative underwater instruments and sensor networks which visualize what’s below the water surface.

dotocean grid

dotOcean is a team of very bright engineers and developers delivering hardware & service to the naval industry. We support them by creating the interface design and discuss the workflow so their applications become visual attractive, user friendly and productive.

To be able to design a great user interface we have to understand the process.

dotocean GPS grid

Set out the GPS grid

While measuring the seabed, the engineers need to have a clear overview of what to measure next. The grid guides the team to the right location in order to get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

dotocean meters

Start the engines

When the boat is on the right location, the actual measurement can begin. With clear controls and a current status of the measurement tool, the engineer can perform the task with confidence and less effort.

The controls are designed in such a way that a glance is enough to know if everything is right. The details are always visible, but the overview is key.

dotocean wheelhouse