GE Energy Gateway® monitors energy usage around the house and streams the data wireless to your favorite device.

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The Energy Gateway is al multi platform interface that allows users to monitor energy usage throughout their home or office. It enables users to control devices wirelessly, any time any place.
Aaltra was responsible for the general system architecture, custom hardware protocols, data processing and multi platform interfacing. This required a close relation with the General Electric hardware designer team & product engineers.

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Always up-to-date

The energy interface is based on web technology, which means that updates come automatically. No manual actions are needed to stay up to date.

The data of the energy gateway is stored in the cloud, you only need a login and password to get access to your own data.

ge Energy Gateway detail

Numbers give insight

When using energy at home, one energy meter isn't always enough to know where you can save the most.

You get a quick overview of the biggest energy users within your home, with the amount of budget used.

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See the effect of your energy saving efforts

While we keep your full history of your home, you can use it to compare it with current periods. So you can compare last week with this week and know how much savings your actions have caused.

Those savings can be translated into tangible results and have more meaning. This motivates you to save even more energy, and spend it on more valuable things.

Tangible results:
“This year you have saved”

KG of CO2




Glasses of wine




Summer holiday


ge energy gateway iphone