Quality Guard helps businesses to implement food safety measures on a daily base. The iPad app fits in the workflow of small businesses to comply with all the heavy regulations and not loose their flexibility.

Quality Guard Ipad

Our initial task was to make the existing app more user friendly which resulted in optimising the whole flow. We are adding new features and exploring all possibilities to keep the product number one in Belgium.

Quality Guard mobile

Easy task management

Users can visually recognise their profile and have a comprehensive list of tasks they have to execute. The tasks are ordered based on their priority and deadline.

All the logs that are gathered from the tasks result in a performance report that is comprehensive for managers and supervisors.

Functional & elegant

We designed custom icons to support the different actions. Visual language is the strongest way to communicate and helps users to navigate more quickly througout the app.

Users are more confident of their actions and the whole process is speed up.

Delivering Expiration date Visibility Smell
Good or bad delivering
Quality Guard recipe
Quality Guard mobile

Customization and interopability

The company can choose from an extensive set of label formats and customize the way the legal information is shown on the label.

Everything is customizable from within the app to the output. The app, labels and reports can be dynamically adjusted to the visual style of the company.

Much more coming soon...