Novy connect

An elegant remote when the coocker hood is out of reach

The Novy hoods blend in your interior so well, they almost become invisible. This also makes it harder to reach. Together with the Novy product design team we created an app that works as a remote, and will keep you informed when filters need to be serviced. UI & UX design Native iOS development Native Android development 2018

Sometimes the hood is just a little out of reach

When a hood becomes almost invisible, it's often also out of reach. That is why we created an elegant remote control.

Simple and elegant controls

When creating an app for everyday use, the interface has to be fast and very easy to use. No small buttons, but large controls that can be used singlehanded. No text, but large recognizable icons and visual feedback. We created an elegant and simple dial control.

Superfast & easy to use Large controls that can be used single handed Universally recognizable icons and visual feedback A touch of magic

Researching the fastest device connection procedure


Notifications from your hood.
Why not?

To keep your fine peace of machinery in good shape, a proper maintenance is needed. This fine piece of machinery needs a clean filter once in a while. And because we all have plenty of other things on our mind, the app can help you with a friendly reminder.

Easy maintenance Improved customer relationship Increased after sales