The pocket-sized installer toolkit.


As a manufacturer, Daikin has a unique partnership with the installers who install its appliances at the end customer's premises. To further support these professionals, Daikin developed a digital toolkit.

Thanks to these digital applications, Daikin is helping installers, making them more likely to choose a Daikin heat pump or refrigeration equipment. In addition, the tools also allow Daikin to gain more insight into how consumers use its devices.


Create the tools to make Daikin the preferred brand for installers.

The work of installers involves several steps. Together with Daikin, we explored what digital tools we could develop to best support installers. Our solutions focus on three aspects of the customer journey: pre-sales, installation and after-sales.


We built a set of web tools where installers can choose the perfect Daikin product and customise it to their customers' needs.

Installation & commissioning

A complete set of tools to help professionals with the installation, registration and commissioning of any Daikin product.

Maintenance & repair

A peace-of-mind package with smart tools that inform craftsmen when their customers’ installation needs maintenance or repair.

e-Care wasn’t built in one day.

This is a project that Aaltra has been working on for more than five years. We built the toolkit feature by feature and had it validated. Our way of working allowed us to question and adjust the roadmap together with Daikin each time.

Daikin e-Care was developed on legacy infrastructure. That meant we had to think flexibly and not be deterred by an atypical development. The project is a combination of native development and progressive web applications.

International rollout

Daikin e-Care is currently active in 31 countries. We’ve made it easy to roll-out country-specific versions and translations.

Because Daikin operates globally, we developed a framework that allows rapid scaling up to another country. For example, one can decide which features are needed per country.





A few of our favourite features

Know who is using your product by enabling easy installation registration.

Thanks to the e-Care toolkit, installers can easily register appliances by scanning a QR code, after which the end user receives an additional warranty as a reward. This helps Daikin and their installers to better manage and service installations in the field.

Make sure your products are perfectly installed & configured by offering user-friendly and remote tools.

The registration in the toolkit ensures that both the installer and Daikin know in which way devices have been set up. This makes it easy to verify that they are appropriately used and configured correctly.

Ensure qualitative installation with the commissioning check.

E-Care guides the installer towards a qualitative installation. In the app, the professional sees a roadmap with the vital points and a manual to set the device correctly. This way, one can avoid defects and save costs.

Inform the installer about a defect even before the customer notices.

Daikin e-Care provides peace of mind. The new heat pumps are connected to the internet, giving the installer instant notification when an error code appears. This is often before the consumer realizes there is no more heating, allowing the installer to offer a next-level service.

With a simple tap on the error code, the installer gets instant troubleshooting info and repair guidance.

End users can easily report errors. Installers can quickly consult the product manual database through the digital toolkit to retrieve the correct products. Aaltra developed a mobile-first documentation system for this purpose.

Daikin installers arrive on an intervention well-prepared.

Through the application, installers can order spare parts. Daikin's system is so extensive that we scrapped it and made a mobile-first copy of it.


e-Care quickly became just as essential as any other tool in the Daikin installers toolbox.


  • 72% yearly user growth
  • 7x more installation registrations
  • Mobile and offline access to 509 product manuals in 22 languages

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