The most convenient way to find technical documentation


At Aaltra, we know that technicians want to have quick access to documentation as efficiently as possible. That is why we collaborated with LightStream to develop a Progressive Web App that intelligently presents technical drawings of electrical installations.

When troubleshooting electrical systems in a factory, the technician oftenmakes changes to the technical schematics.
These manual changes to the plan is not a scalable method of working, but LightStream wants to change that bydigitizing these technical drawings. Making digital changes to schematics and workable for all technicians requires a low threshold approach hence eliminating complex procedures and software.
That is why they asked Aaltra to create a solution that can guide technicians in the best way possible.

Together with LightStream, we developed an application that technicians can access by scanning a QR code on the electrical cubicle or machine. They are then shown the necessary documentation and information.

In cooperation with the installers

We were going to fine-tune the idea for an technician application during a Product Specification workshop. We couldn't simply link to the cloud platform to show documentation and technical drawings; we needed to come up with a more user-friendly solution.

The work of installers involves several steps. Together with Lightstream, we explored what digital tools we could develop to best support technicians. Our solutions focus on three aspects of the customer journey: pre-sales, installation and after-sales.


Scan installation


View / annotate documentation


Update to network

Based on the feedback from the workshop and interviews, we established user journeys. We described how technicians work and mapped the ideal flow.

The right plan in the right place

We developed a Progressive Web App that can be installed on any tablet without any issues or security audits, since we are sandboxed within the browser. We then connected to the Egnyte software via an API layer.


  • Go to market within 3 months instead of 12
  • Created a UX-friendly layer above the cloud platform without impacting internal processes
  • Technical sales support from within Aaltra

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