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way to cook.

De Novy applicatie op een smartphone


Aaltra developed an app for Novy, the market leader in Belgium in the field of premium cooker hoods, that allows you to personalise your cooking experience.

We also advised the company on the technical choices in terms of hardware. Traditionally, the Novy cooker hoods were not connected. They relied on a remote control to turn them on and off, switch on the light and adjust the speed. We assisted Novy in the transition to make them connected and future-proof.


The first thing we did was work with Novy to figure out how their electronics needed to change.

What chips are needed? How do the communications work? How can we encrypt them? Based on our recommendations for the application, the Novy R&D team could improve the hardware.



Scan, select and connect. It’s that easy to connect your Novy device to your smartphone.

Onboarding users in IoT projects is a challenging process where UX & technology need seamless integration. The end goal is to have a stupid simple flow that shows no of the hard work that went into it.

Connect & control

We kept in mind that everything had to be as intuitive as possible when designing.

We designed screens with dials, just like you would expect on hardware. By working with large icons, you can control the app while cooking.

Simple, stylish and intuitive. 

Just like Novy products.


Next, we focussed on a combination of increasing revenue through after-sales and a cost reduction on customer support.

Knowing how your customers use or misuse your products opens up a lot of opportunities to personalise & optimise your services.

Minimise first-line support.

A smart device knows when something is malfunctioning. And in most cases, we can simply guide the user to resolve the issue in less than a minute.

This resulted in a significant decrease in first-line support calls and overall better customer satisfaction.

Always up-to-date

As the Novy hoods mature, the firmware evolves along. Thanks to the connectivity, we enabled easy firmware updates. This way, we ensure customers can always enjoy the latest and greatest.

Boost aftersales through better guidance.

Well-timed notifications like a ‘filter replacement’ significantly improves the response time for customers to order & replace parts.

Ultimately they can enjoy a well functioning hood for much longer. And Novy has a bigger share of the aftersales market.


  • 30% fewer support calls
  • direct connection to the end customer
  • a gateway to a complete brand experience

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