We have more than a passion for the Internet of Things.
We have over 10 years of experience in IoT product development.

In the past 10 years we have helped many clients to bring their technology to the cloud. But we don’t simply connect devices to the internet, we add value, functionality and purpose. We do this by creating new insights, new delightful user experiences and ultimately making devices more human.

A few ‘Things’ we have connected in the past 10 years

+2.500 Smart Homes & Buildings
+1.000 Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations
+20.000 Asset Location Trackers
+1.500 Smart Water Softeners
+3.000 Heatpumps
+500 Smart Mouse Traps
+2.000 Solar Panel Installations
+2.000 Freezers & Fridges
+3.000 Smoke Detectors

We put the 'smart' in your device!

IoT development often requires a wide range of expertise. Unfortunately, involving multiple agencies and freelance developers has a dramatic impact on your go-to-market time. It requires intensive project management and the end result will only be as strong as the weakest link in your supply chain.

At Aaltra we combine all expertise in the IoT product development process in one small and highly efficient team. We manage the project from start to end. And we touch for the quality of the entire project.

UX design Mobile & web development API development Data processing & storage Cloud server Low level communication protocol

You can also hire us for

Mobile apps

We have designed, developed & published +15 successful apps for both Android and iOS. Don’t worry, we are experienced in both native development (Swift, Objective C and Java) as in cross platform development frameworks (Xamarin, PhoneGap,…).

Business applications

Business applications are usually web based applications that handle large amounts of data and are crucial for you day-to-day work. We have over 15 years of experience in building applications for small and large businesses all over the world.

UX audits

What if you already have an application. But the return, usage or performance doesn’t meet your expectations? Or the user experience doesn’t reflect your brand values (anymore)?

Most likely this can be fixed by rethinking the user experience of the application. We design, implement and test solutions. So, you’ll have a clear view on the before and after.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning

Modern applications and in particular IoT projects generate a vast amounts of data. The size of the data simply transcends human intellectual ability.

With AI & Machine learning, we provide a system that learns and acts like humans do. The algorithms improve their learning over time in autonomous fashion. This way, you can skip interpreting data and focus on taking actions.

Augmented reality & Virtual reality

AR & VR makes it possible for your clients to experience your creations before they’re built. Or it can be used to make complex information tangible, almost literally.

Our mission with AR & VR is to transcend the hype and create real world solutions that add value to your business process and user interaction.

Design research & prototyping

We also help our clients researching new products and technical solutions. We make both design and technical prototypes which helps imagining every possible solution and test our ideas in the real world.

Prototyping is in our DNA by the various hackathons we organize internally and in collaboration with clients.

How we work

We have a nononsens and result driven approach. The past 10 years we have been perfecting our production process to guarantee the best possible quality.

User centric design

Every project starts from the user. Questions like “who is the user” and “which problem are we going to solve” sound very obvious but are often forgotten. During our iterative design process we involve both our client and a group of end-users. It helps us to gather very early feedback from the real world and design even better solutions.



We never write any code before we have a clear view on every technical and functional requirement. We create tangible & visual prototypes and involve every key person in the project. Together we envision new solutions and align the entire product team.

Technology independent

Each project has its own challenges and requirements. That is why we are convinced that not one technology can cover it all. We seek the best technology for the project based on the budget, integration requirements, short term and long term planning.


Shared knowledge

We are fully aware that what we make is vital for the day to day operation of our clients. During each project phase, we closely collaborate with our client’s IT staff to determine which architecture suits the project best. Because of their involvement, it has a high acceptancy rate and we are sure that the project can be maintained. That is why we gladly handover our work to the hands of your programmers once it is up and running.