Embedded interface for the Electric Vehicle Charger

The challenge of this project was to build an interface into an existing product with strict hardware limitations. We created an interface that guides you through the setup in a matter of seconds. The interface is easy to use for first time users, and hassle free for daily users. And most important, it's impossible to make mistakes. UI & UX design Embedded interface 2014

Smart charging

The smart car charger of the future needs a smart interface.

Hardware prototyping


We always test the hardware on screen resolution, colour representation, speed and touch capabilities before we start with the prototyping phase. This ensures us to make the best product possible within the predefined requirements.

Simplicity is king

The key goal of this project was speed. Users should be able to get there car connected in less than 30 seconds.

The hardware setup provided 5 physical push buttons. So we built a user flow around this limitation. Clearly indicating the default answer the user guides the user with e comfortable feeling.


Customized for each brand

The interface is designed to be easily customisable for each OEM partner. The developers can easily implement a new style by changing one logo, a background and one key colour.

This enables powerdale to implement a new brand within their interface in minutes. It not only increases customer engagement but also increases the sales success ratio.