A growing EV carpark needs an intelligent management platform

The challenge in this project was to build a data driven portal for a wide range of users and a wide range of devices. The main goal of this portal is to give user insights and control over their charging facilities, the energy usage and the costs that are involved. UI & UX design Responsive web interface Front-end development 2014

The data is designed around personas

Each persona represents a group of users that have specific needs. We designed the platform for their devices and their needs: the most important information is shown on the dashboard. The other information is accessible through an easy menu. This makes their work easier and shortens the time they have to look for information.


Find charging locations when you're on the go

The driver is focused on finding the right charging station while he is on the road. When the car is charging, the interface adapts to the status of his vehicle. This adaptive interface makes sure that the user gets to the key information in the shortest time possible.

The facility & building manager get a comprehensive dashboard

Their primary device is work station to access the system. We optimised the dashboard for their screen resolution and put the key information in a clear graph.


Quickly check charging cost when you're done

How much did I charge this week? And how much will it cost? The mobile website gives the driver insight anytime, anyplace.

Users can also choose to share their charging hub with other drivers. The app will keep track of the energy usage and automatically settle the costs.