Elitis - Real estate project development

An online platform to plan, develop and sell real estate projects.

Planning, building, and selling real estate projects involves an incredible amount of administration and communication. With Elitis, we've built a platform that automates every possible repetitive task and simplifies the conversations where knowledge and personal connection matter most. UI & UX design Front-end development Back-end development 2018 - 2020

A webshop for real estate?

Yes! We created an online platform where brokers can purchase real estate with at the touch of a button. Buying a property is a complicated business and involves a lot of paperwork. Luckily, we excel in creating accessible solutions for complex business problems. Therefore, the buying process was the perfect candidate for our digital innovation make-over.

Plan, create & manage

First of all, the Elitis platform is a tool to manage projects, buildings and units. We've made it easy to import data from Excel.

Furthermore we have a visual reference to the building layout. The software automatically generates a 3D representation of the building. Hovering the units will help you quickly find the perfect apartment to buy.

Auto-generated 3D representation of the building Rollover the units to see the details Quickly find the right unit for your client
Appartment info card


When a broker is consulting a client, having the right information at hand is crucial. Elitis makes sure any documentation is available on any device.

The platform also centralises all documentation for each project. Up-to-date information is instantly available to anyone involved.

Document inheritance All information in 1 place Access to the right information in an instance

Open up for sale

Once a project is fully prepared, Elitis can open the project up for sale. At this moment the units are published to the selected real estate agencies. Brokers can find all the needed images, plans and price information to be able to sell the units.


Integrated sales flow

The portal supports the entire sales flow. It guides both the project manager and the broker trough the legal administration process.


Advanced reporting

We can create insightful reports that enable Elitis to follow-up every step of the process.

Custom reports: users can choose which fields to filter, view or sort Instant view on global progress Follow up on agreements with suppliers Match progress with sale target