Qbus Cloud

Qbus Cloud is a plug & play home automation interface entirely built on web technology.

We have a long lasting relationship with Qbus, making us a part of their innovation team. We created Qbus Cloud, a plug & play Home Automation Interface. Qbus Cloud connects your home to the cloud automatically and secure. No technical setup and no configuration is required. Aaltra was responsible for the general system architecture, custom hardware protocols, data processing and of course a beautiful multi platform web interface. UI & UX design Communication protocol Cloud platform Responsive web interface Apple watch 2013

Functional & elegant

The application uses the latest web socket technology which allows you to see the real time status of your smart home. You don't have to click a refresh button to see movement, status changes or temperature changes. You can control your home with different people and devices at the same time, and see what is happening in a matter of milliseconds.


When data becomes understandable, it can help people to change their habits.

We continuously develop new features based on the feedback of the users. All the feedback is gathered and filtered to get the essence right, making sure that we keep it easy to use for everybody.

Everywhere you go

We have a proactive approach on innovation. As technology experts we experiment with newest devices and technology. We are always in search for new opportunities our clients can benefit from. For this project it resulted in creating an apple watch app that serves as a remote for your entire home. The user can quickly access any light, temperature, door, tv, ... from anywhere at any time.

The fully responsive interface adapts to every screen and situation

  • Qbus Building Intelligence

    Qbus Building Intelligence

  • The power of the cloud

    The power of the cloud

  • Smartphone


  • Tablet


  • Desktop


Build simple recipes like...

  • On sunrise

    On sunrise

  • Open the blinds

    Open the blinds


  • On window open

    On window open

  • For 10 min

    For 10 min

  • Turn down heating

    Turn down heating


  • On doorbell pressed

    On doorbell pressed

  • Take photo

    Take photo

  • Send by email

    Send by email